The Back2School Outreach is Springing into action!

Power of One Outreach Ministries is excited to announce this year’s “Spring Break” Food Drive.

Clifton Savings Bank - link to home page CSBK will be sponsoring the Food Drive by collecting food for families in need and acting as drop off locations around Clifton. The collection will run from March 12th through April 8th.  Clifton schools will be closed during Spring Break and families that depend on the school’s reduced or free lunch can use our help with groceries.

We are  reaching out to the community for your help, by donating non-perishable food items such as hot/cold cereal, meals in a can, fruit cups, juice boxes, mac and cheese, granola bars, fruit snacks, pancake complete mix and syrup, peanut butter and jelly, tuna, soups, and dry milk.

Locations accepting food donations are: (CSBK) Clifton Savings Bank, 1055 Clifton Ave., 319 Lakeview Ave., 646 Van Houten Ave., 1433 Van Houten Ave. Also at Clifton Chiros, Dr. Suzi Schulman, 1117 Route 46 East, Suite 204, Clifton.

Flyers are available at the drop off locations for more details.

Supermarket Gift cards or monetary donations can be mailed to Power of One Outreach, PO Box 6080, Clifton, NJ 07015.

If you would like to organize a food drive, please contact Kim Castellano at 201-328-2326.

Your donation is tax exempt and will help purchase food items needed, to help stock the School Pantry that provides aid for families in crisis throughout the school year.


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