Life Coaching

life coaching

What’s the Difference between Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring?

• Coaching forms a co-active partnership that seeks to empower and equip the coachee to achieve greater competence and growth in areas they desire. The coachee is essentially healthy and able to work with the coach to develop a plan for growth. In coaching, the coachee is able to co-actively establish goals for the process.

• Counseling usually involves some area of disorder, pathology, or dysfunction that essentially disables the counselee in one or more areas of life. The counselor tends to set the agenda and plan for counseling.

• Mentoring begins with a clear and set agenda for the mentee or protégé. The mentor tends to serve as a supervisor of the training by sort of looking over the shoulder of the protégé.


Who’s coachable?

Can you answer yes to these 3 questions? If so you’re ready to be coached.

• Is there ONE thing that if CHANGED that would make a difference in your life?
• Are you willing to partner with someone in the process?
• Are you ready and willing to take a step for change?

If you answered yes!

Your first step is to contact us and begin the interview process.
The interview process will help you determine whether coaching is for you, as well as whether there is a good fit between you and the coach. This is your Free 15-30 minute phone introductory session.

Once you decide that you would like to begin the coaching relationship we will email you a client welcome packet.
This packet contains all of the essential information that the coach needs to gain a better understanding of your coaching needs.
All one on one coaching sessions are by phone unless other arrangements are made for in person sessions.

Ministry/Work Balance
Leadership Development
Stress Relief
Life Purpose
Over-Coming Obstacles
Blended Families

Look out for upcoming Workshops and introductory sessions on the Workshop page or contact us and we will notify you of all up coming workshops.

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