What the Back2School Outreach IS

The Back2 School Outreach builds bridges to a brighter future by:

It Encourages a child to do their best; not fail.
It Empowers a child to succeed; not to give up.
It Equips those in leadership; not close their eyes to those who struggle.
It Builds up a child’s self esteem; not break it down.
It Protects those in need; not exploit them.
It’s a One2One encounter; not a public event.

Every backpack and every school supply donated reflects ONE child, ONE educator, ONE family, ONE school, ONE community.

Get involved today!
Contact Kim Castellano at 201-328-2326 or email kim@powerofoneccom.org

The Back2School Outreach is run by volunteers and 100% of your donation goes directly to the project. Ask about our sponsorship opportunities or make a donation to impact a child.


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