Turn Off The Stress – Free Intro Session April 5th

Discover how you can have less anxiety and more JOY everyday!

We all have some level of Stress in our lives, but are you…
Saying “I am stressed out!” more than often?
Feeling anxious and lack drive?
Is your body feeling tight and not relaxed?

Come to our FREE Introductory Session on
Saturday, April 5th at 1pm.
where you can meet
Kim Castellano the Stress Relief Coach and learn how to . . .

Turn Off the Stress and improve your health and well-being from a Christian/Biblical approach.

Each 2-1/5 hour group session is jammed packed with effective exercises and stress relief techniques that will help you identify stress triggers and turn off the stress hormones in your body, ending in a time of Christian Mediation leaving you feeling refreshed and empowered.

4-week Coaching Group Starts- Saturday, April 19th from 1pm-3:30pm.

(Limited to 10 people)

Cost: $100.00 paid in advance- That’s only $25 per session.

Vida Wellness at 16 Market Street Clifton, (Allwood Rd. Section)

Space is limited
Contact Kim today!

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