Hunger Doesn’t Stop

The School Pantry is a ministry of Power of One Outreach Ministries, providing underprivileged children with basic needs during his/her school year.   We work closely with principals, teachers and counselors of our schools and have become a bridge between the teacher and student by providing the student the supplies they need to succeed during the year.

Schools in Clifton provide thousands of students with breakfast, lunch and dinner, during the school year through the Free/Reduced School Meal Program and the Minds in Motion Program. Unfortunately, many families are dependant on these programs to feed their kids everyday. In today’s tough economy many families are having a harder time feeding their children.

You can help meet this need by supporting our programs that feed our children.

  Thanksgiving Sponsor Letter 2017  

 Winter Break Sponsor Letter 2017

Corporate Sponsors


 CSBK (Clifton Savings Bank)

Community Liaison, Maria Kosmider



St. Phillip Columbiettes #11671 Clifton, NJ

In-Step Fitness (Guests)

St. Brendan Catholic School-  Kids Helping Kids Club

Corradino & Papa, Inc.

Faye DeFeo and residents of Evergreen Manor


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