Building Bridges to Children’s Education!

July kicks off our Back2School Outreach for the 2015-2016 school year. The days of children coming to school prepared on their first day are a thing of the past.

During the year, we’ve had the opportunity to take a closer look at how principals and teachers in low income and diverse communities were helping students who attended their schools, in times of crisis and hardships.

ESL, Food, clothing and school supplies were among the many ways they were helping families.

They’re better known as “Basic Needs”

We’ve heard stories of great acts of kindness happening in our schools thru teachers, nurses and faculty pulling together to help out a student and their family during a time of need or crisis. Usually funded out of their own pockets or connecting the family to some other help in the community.

Families at times, do fall thru the cracks when in need of a helping hand.   

Years ago as a single mom, I can remember when a social worker said to me, Honey, your called the “working poor”. You earn too much for assistance, yet struggle to keep things together. I wasn’t looking for a hand out at that time, but a hand up during my transition.

I had received Health Coverage to help take care of my daughter and I as I looked for work to supplement my income. Today, I am grateful for that helping hand. We were able to remain healthy and strong during those years.

Growing up in a really large family, times were always tough for my parents and siblings. Back to school was never an exciting time for us. Churches,teachers and outside family always helped us get ready for our first day of school.

I can also remember the times when receiving  extra help from caring teachers during my grammar school years.  They helped me learn to read and worked with me on math problems during gym. I was always pulled out for extra help during the week. Teachers went over and above their call of teaching to help me learn in school. Today, I’m overly grateful for each and every one of them.

My hope is that you would see why I am passionate about this ministry opportunity we’ve been given.  I can only do what I see the Father doing. The school is already moving in this, so we’re joining them in their efforts and looking to God for His leading and provision.

Together, we can provide basic needs to families during times of crisis and hardships.  We need your help in those efforts.

“Help Stock the School Pantry”  held inside School #12.

The School Pantry is NOT something new at School #12. It’s currently run by everyone in the school and it’s always bare because families are using it.

This August, the Back2School Outreach volunteers will begin to outreach into the community and help stock the school pantry for the new school year. The School Pantry will be our ongoing outreach project and partnership with School #12.

You can help by hosting or organizing food drives or drop off a bag of groceries at School 12 at any time during regular school hours 7am-3pm.   Items such as; non-perishable foods, meals in a can, hot and cold cereals, juice boxes, toiletries such as;  shampoo, deodorants, soaps and toothpaste, clothing such as; (new) socks, underwear, jeans and school supplies.   CLICK PICTURE FOR SUPPLY LIST



A new Freezer and Refrigerator are 2 big items on the schools wish list for the 2015-2016 school year.

If your business/organization would like to participate in this outreach project with your customers/members please contact Kim Castellano at 201-328-2326, or email  Donations are always accepted and made payable to Power of One – memo note School Pantry.

To volunteer on the Back2School Outreach team send us your email and we will add you to the list.   We communicate thru emails when volunteer opportunities arise.

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